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A successful career in Orange County Real Estate takes great training, fanatical customer service, broker support & resources. We understand the commitment required to be successful and thrive in this industry and have helped many of the area's top agents build a very successful career.

Top Reasons to Join The North Hills Realty Team

1. Leads

  • The North Hills Realty Team generates LEADS for its agents.
  • You'll have one of the top online customer relationship management programs to help you keep track of your leads.

2. Open Houses

  • We have developed our proprietary open houses system.
  • Each week you will have access to any of our available open house listings.
  • This is an excellent way for your to meet potential clients.

3. Transaction Coordination

  • Working with a transaction coordinator can be extremely valuable because they keep your files up-to-date and ensure you’re meeting your timelines
  • By removing the everyday obstacles & roadblocks faced by individual agents, North Hills Realty agents are allowed the freedom to work on growing their business & achieving their goals.

4. Listing Marketing

  • We provide an industry-proven, turn-key marketing solution for any for residential listing you take.
  • Don’t worry about hiring the right photographer, getting your brochures designed and ordered, syndicating to all the major sites both domestically and globally, creating a property website, or marketing on social media.
  • We’ve got you covered, regardless of the price or size of the home, your home will be marketed effectively.

5. Agent Start-Up Marketing

  • The company has a turn key solution to immediately get you what you need to get out there and start working with clients.
  • Business cards, name badges, listing presentations, open house and for sale signs are all part of your start up package.

6. Free Contract Preparation Assistance

  • We will help you prepare every offer, listing, or other contract you will need in your transaction until you are fully trained
  • Chances are, you are going to quickly run into a scenario that you don’t know how handle, you'll have fast support with an experienced broker.
  • Over the years we have seen just about everything from short sales and forclosures to probate.
  • We make it our business to ensure each of your contracts are prepared properly, reducing your and your client’s liability.

7. Company Training and Meetings

  • We hold office meetings each week most weeks of the year.  Training, market and legal updates take place at each meeting.  All meetings can be attended live or on zoom.
  • Almost every week of the year additional training offerings are available to our entire team, a few of the subjects include social media, marketing, luxury properties, farming, open houses, listing presentations, buyer presentations and much more.

8. Equipment and Office Space

  • We have private office spaces and individual desks throughout our office.  Each desk is equiped with state of the art computers and innovative technology and tools to run your business effectively.
  • Throughout the office we have the equipment you need to work efficiently, from copiers, scanners, fax machines, computers, shredders, etc. 

9. The Culture

  • North Hills Realty Team culture is one of the most important aspects attributing to the success of the team.
  • Our agents & admin share an unmatched team mentality which creates a working atmosphere where everyone truly wants to see the other succeed.
  • The tight-knit sales team also reviews all new North Hills Realty Team listings each week and at our company wide meetings.

10. Fun

  • In addition to working in an enjoyable work environment we also enjoy special team event days throughout the year.
  • We take opportunities to celebrate things such as the start of the football season, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas themes & quirky things such as Cinco-De-Mayo, Taco Tuesday and National Pizza Day!
  • We also take time to show our appreciation for our employees, both sales & admin, with an annual Holiday Party where we can come together to enjoy each others company & reflect on another great year.

Become an Agent with The North Hills Realty Team

If you would like to learn more about joinging North Hills Realty, the best way to go about this is to meet with you in our office, spend 30 to 45 minutes max with us to let us understand what you're looking for in your real estate career.  We can then present several options and show you the most productive way to achieve your goal.

Interested in joining the team, please share your contact information so we can schedule a time to meet and discuss the opportunity of you joining the North Hills Realty Team.  Or if you prefer you can call us to schedule a time to meet (714) 731-5900.

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